For the next 7 days, this blog will be a Battleground

Hello everyone, from now until a week, I’ll be writing daily entries related to vegetarianism. I’ll be posting not only about my experience, maybe throw in a recipe or to, but to look at it from a critical standpoint and present arguments in favor and opposing, stories, humor, nutritional facts and research studies. I’m a vegetarian myself, and am always looking to learn more about food. Also, I welcome learning and discussing different perspectives, and reviewing my beliefs. Doing research for these blog posts will help me stay up to date in what’s been done in nutritional research and also areas of opportunity.

I want to reach people who are lost in all the arguments and misinformation regarding vegetarianism. Since is it an argument that falls along with other such as global warming, conspiracy theories and liberalism, I want to propose a neutral space to converse about the topic. I welcome also people who are interested in learning about our food systems, about the different nutritional options, who have a sense of humor, and anyone who’s interested in contributing.


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