All of these people are Vegetarians. Yeah, I didn’t know either.

Writers, Geniuses and Architects

Throughout history, moral and nutritional vegetarians have existed and been major contributors to our society. These include:

Famous inventor, paintor and renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci

Mathematician and brilliant philosopher Pythagoras

Although only for a brief year before his death, Nobel Prize winning Physicist Albert Einstein

Celebrated writer Frankz Kafka

Brilliant Russian writerLeo Tolstoy

And brilliant Architect Antoni Gaudí

which 7 of his monuments are in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because I love his buildings so much; here’s a picture of his Casa Batlló:

The Following famous vegetarians are compiled from HuffPo , Access Hollywood, PETA, Pro and Veggieboards .

The following are a list of famous vegetarians per category. A gallery can be found at the end of the post.

Comedians, Movie Characters, Actors, Musicians and Athletes


Bill Cosby
Sarah Silverman
Weird Al Yankovic
Steve Martin
Steve O

Characters in Movies

Renton from Trainspotting
Jonathan Safran Foer from Everything is Illuminated
Carl and Frank, The Rhinos from Ice Age
Ian from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
Todd Ingram, 3rd ex boyfriend from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

In Sci-Fi

Spock from Star Trek Series
K-Pax from K-Pax Movie
The Moonbase Alpha from the Series Space:1999
The Society in Logan’s Run Movie

Famous Actors:

Betty White
Christian Bale
Peter Dinklage
Joaquin Phoenix
Kate Winslet
Natalie Portman
Richard Gere
Ricky Gervais
Russell Brand
Tobey McGuire
Woody Harrelson

Jared Leto
Paul MCartney

Famous Athletes:
Mike Tyson



  1. I understand that some musicians are vegetarian. Especially when they have reached a certain age like Paul McCartney. But people like Betty White, Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson, and Albert Einstein? Unbelievable! I just learn something new. Amazing!

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