Last Meat Free Goodbye

During the course of this blog I learned a lot about vegetarianism,  had a chance to do all the research and learn more about my own beliefs and nutrition. I thought vegetarianism would be a simple thing to write about and something I was familiar enough with, but it turns out the sources I had could use a little revision; and there’s always going to be a growing debate and interest in this topic. I discovered in my searches how quickly misinformation can spread across the web, and always tried to be as true to the science as possible when writing these posts. A Recap of the articles for the week are:

1. To be or not to be a vegetarian – humorous article about the stigma surrounding vegetarianism in popular culture

2. All of these people are vegetarians. Yeah I didn’t know either – on famous people that are usually not mentioned as vegetarians

3. Reasons why people choose to be vegetarian: where Meat Comes from – explicit on the different meat industries producing our food

4. Lab Created Meat will be available soon. How Will vegetarians react to it? – on the progress of in vitro meat and how it affects vegetarian ethics

5. Eating Well on a Vegetarian Diet – on vegetarian nutrition and common deficiencies

6. Are Humans Made to be Vegetarians? – on the debate whether human anatomy declares us as more similar to herbivores

7. Imposed Vegetarian Diets – on experiences of people raised as vegetarian or vegan

It’s been a great experience. I hope the posts I’ve written will serve for people looking to learn more on the subject, and about their own beliefs. I hope to continue posting critically on other subjects in the future. Till next time!



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